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Women in Leadership

Check In Michigan is proud to champion the work of all employees of our industry, not just the executive level.  Women In Leadership is just one of our efforts to do so!  Michigan Women In Leadership (WIL) is the first professional career advancement chapter for women in the Hospitality and Tourism industry who live and work in the State of Michigan.

These women are empowering one another and learning from one another as they remove barriers and provide solutions to their diverse (and yet similar) issues.  With city concentrations in Boyne, Lansing, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Traverse City, there is a chapter of WIL near you. Membership is free, though events may have an associated cost.


Lead by obtaining leadership competencies for members, regardless of their position in the industry

Learn while removing barriers and providing solutions

Improve the industry by gaining valuable career momentum


Networking Opportunities

Events featuring inspirational Women Speakers

Membership and access to the national WIL Directory and National Mentoring Opportunities

Interested in Participating? Tell us about you!